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Looking for a Research Topic?

Research ideas can come from:

  • Work that you do every day

  • Colleagues

  • Conference poster sessions are great for gleaning ideas

  • Looking at the professional literature.  What are other people writing about? Check the ends of the articles for areas that have been identified for further research

  • Keeping an open mind and being curious

  • Cutting-edge things that are happening in your department or discipline

  • Getting on professional committees with "research" or "statistics" in their names

  • Checking annual reviews of professional materials

  • Listserv threads

Research Agendas

Professional societies often publish research agendas. You can do a Google search on    
"(insert your discipline here) research agenda" or similar terms to find other such resources.


Check databases using the term "research agenda" combined with your discipline for additional resources published in the professional literature.

Library Databases to Get You Started! 

Questions? Please contact

Lisa Shappee

Library Director



111 Technology Center

The library has some excellent multi-disciplinary databases.  These databases have journal articles for many different disciplines. This variety of information makes these databases a great place to start your research.  


Proquest Research Library

EBSCO Academic Search Premier

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