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This link takes you to an interactive web page that shows you the different components of a scholarly article.  

Types of Articles

Scholarly Journals

Scholarly journals are periodicals that contain articles written by researchers or professionals in a particular subject or discipline. These articles contain original research and references to sources. Many scholarly journals subject their articles to a peer review process in which experts in the field review the article for accuracy and authority.

How can you tell if you're looking at a scholarly article? Check for the following:

  • Bibliography

  • Footnotes or endnotes

  • Published by a university press or scholarly society

  • Few or no advertisements

  • Background of authors usually given

  • Authors are scholars or researchers in the field

  • Published quarterly (usually)

  • Peer reviewed

  • Written in the jargon of the field

  • Illustrations support the text (maps, tables, photographs)

  • Audience is the scholarly reader (professors, researchers, students)

Popular Magazines

This type of periodical provides popular or current news stories for a general audience. Authors are not usually scholars in a specific discipline and do not conduct original research. These articles are not peer-reviewed. Popular magazines may contain articles, short stories, interviews, photographic essays, or poems, of either a specific or general nature.

  • Articles are written by paid staff or freelancers. Articles may be unsigned.

  • Do not contain bibliographies or footnotes, and rarely provide sources.

  • Published by commercial publishers.

  • Produced weekly or monthly.

  • Subject to editorial review.

  • Contain advertising. Most of their revenue derives from the sale of advertising space.

  • Written for anyone to understand

  • Often profusely illustrated for marketing appeal

  • Audience is the general public

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