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Citing Resources

In order to avoid plagiarism, you should always cite your sources.  The resources below can help!


RefWorks is a citation management system available to all K-State students, staff and faculty free of charge.  It allows users to store, organize, edit and/or create citations from a variety of resource types; including articles, books, web pages, images and more. It also allows users to create bibliographies from stored references in one of hundreds of available styles, including APA, MLA, and Chicago.  RefWorks offers a plugin in for Microsoft Word on both PCs and Macs that allows users to insert citations directly into their documents and create a bibliography from the cited sources using any of the hundreds of citation style options.


Getting Started with RefWorks

To get started with RefWorks, you can click the RefWorks link on the K-State Libraries webpage. The link is located on the left side of the page under Quick Links. This will take you to the RefWorks login screen.


Important Notes about creating RefWorks Account

  • You do not use your eID and password to login in to RefWorks, you have to create an account

  • Account is free for all K-State students, staff, and faculty

  • Once you create your account, it is yours forever

  • You DO NOT have to use your K-State email address to signup

  • When asked to create a user name, it is best to use the email address you provided


Click here to watch a screencast covering the process of setting up a new RefWorks account


Learn to use RefWorks in Twenty Minutes


It best to click YouTube on the bottom left and watch it on YouTube so you have access to the entire playlist.  

What is Plagiarism?

Online Help with APA Citations

Sometimes it can be hard to understand what plagiarism is and how to avoid it.  This short video helps to explain.  

Other Citation Help

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