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What is a Literature Review? 

Reviewing previously published articles or publications

Consulting a database in your discipline area for articles that have been previously published on your topic will help you assess whether your information fills a void or offers a new perspective.

  • Kansas State University Databases 

    Our databases are organized by subject. Simply choose your subject from the drop down menu.

  • E-Journals and E-Newspapers 

    Electronic journals and newspapers can be searched by title or category (subject). If you have a citation to an article, and want to find it in K-State's online holdings, this link also includes a citation linker.

Citation Searching

Citation searching indicates how many times an author or particular article has been cited both and can be useful in identifying trends in research or experts in the field.


  • Web of Science 

    K-State Libraries off this online version of the three Citation Indexes: Science, Social Sciences, and Arts and Humanities. In addition to searching by keyword, subject, author, etc. for articles in over 8,000 journals, one can do a "cited reference" search to see how frequently and where an article has been cited. Web of Science is one of our best databases. Also an excellent source for finding book reviews.

  • GoogleScholar 

    Results from Google Scholar searches include a number of open access publications that have cited a work.

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