This guide is intended to help navigate the research process within the field of business.

Starting Business and Economics Research

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Where to search
K-State Libraries subscribes to dozens of business databases. The benefit of using these resources is that the information has been vetted AND you won't have to pay for the reports (your access to these databases is covered by your tuition).


There is rarely just one database or report that will give you all of the information you need. Instead, you will be piecing together evidence from data, reports, news articles, and other sources of information to create your own market analysis.

How to access the databases and reports
You can access all of these from off campus with current eID and password, as long as you go through the K-State Libraries website and our links to databases.


How much time should I spend? 
Be prepared to read multiple reports; you may need to figure out why there may be discrepancies between a press release and an investment report. Be prepared to search in multiple databases, try different search terms, and ask lots of questions.


Remember, it takes time to locate information, and then you'll have to read it. Start searching for the information as soon as possible so you will have it on hand when you have time to read it.


K-State Libraries subscribes to Business Insights Essentials (formerly known as Business & Company Resource Center) and the database ABI Inform/Complete. You will search ABI/Inform Complete the same way the tutorial demonstrates searching ABI Inform/Global.

Questions? Please contact

Katherine Jones

Undergraduate Services Librarian



111F Technology Center

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